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Window Hardware Options

There are a number of options available to enhance security and safety of windows.

Fire Escape

In bedroom windows we fit fire escape hinges to all our windows. Fire escape hinges allow the opening sash of the window to maximise the opening left to climb out of in an emergency. Our fire escape hinges also have the added bonus of easy clean. If needed the easy clean button can be pressed to allow the sash to moved sideways to allow cleaning of the outside of the glass from inside your house. Close the window and the hinge will automatically go back to its fire escape setting.

On smaller casement windows the opening sash maybe restrictive to escape from. French windows have been designed to meet the building and fire regulations where a large opening is required. With French windows both sashes can fully open with unrestricted means of escape. During normal use if preferred only one of the sashes maybe opened leaving the other sash opening locked in place.


Restrictor hinges can be fitted to stop the opening sash of a window being fully opened. This maybe useful to stop children or to prevent a window being opened out wide where it maybe a hazard, if say there was a narrow path outside the window. To open the window fully, part of the hinge mechanism needs to pressed. If both fire escape and restrictor is needed for the same window, then fire escape hinges and an additional restrictor catch are fitted.

Multi point casement window locking system

On casement windows there are multiple locking points, which can also be locked in the night vent position. Night vent is where the window is locked with sash lightly opened.

Shootbolt casement window locking system

Multiple locking points with additional bolts top and bottom of the sash