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Aluminium Windows & Doors

An alternative to the Upvc window and doors is Aluminium. Aluminium offers slim sight lines with elegant styling. Windows and doors can be made in a wide range of designs and styles. With tough painted coatings aluminium products will look good for years to come with little maintenance. Just the occasional wash will keep windows and doors looking good.

Aluminium is a strong product, which will resist warping. Because of its strength the sections can be made slimmer and offers a high level of security with our locking systems. Aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion.

To keep your house warm and your energy bills low Thermal barriers are built into window and door system. Thermal barriers reduce outside cold transferring through into the inside of your property. Along with the latest glass technology our Aluminium windows and doors will keep your house warm while reducing your energy bills.

Windows and doors are available with Bevelled, Chamfered or Ovalo appearance. A wide range of colours and woodgrain effect foils are available.